Fostering Financial Wellness for Your Members Now and Post-Pandemic

About the Podcast

We're talking about how to provide the best financial education possible to support your members through the COVID-19 crisis, and foster lasting financial wellness for them into the future. This pandemic is having a profound effect on every American's financial health, and credit unions can position themselves to be the guiding hand that members need right now. We’re going to dive in and explore some of the strategies and opportunities that exist to help your members thrive through the crisis and beyond. 

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Key Takeaways:

  • [01:23] Americans who resisted online banking technology have been forced to use it during the shutdown.  
  • [03:41] The credit unions that focus on helping members get financially healthy through online tools will be a step ahead.  Consistency and clear message when introducing members to online tools is key. 
  • [08:44] It is important that the credit union staff embraces the technology updates first. We need all the staff to buy-in and be proficient on the technology so they can help members.
  • [13:16] Interaction and engagement is everything! Many credit unions are engaging members in free challenges and rewards for completing financial education. 

Presented By

​​​​​​​Beatriz Hartman
​​​​​​​Beatriz Hartman

Director of Community Outreach and Financial Wellness | Consolidated Credit

Beatriz Hartman is the Director of Community Outreach and Financial Wellness for Consolidated Credit. In that capacity, Ms. Hartman spearheads Consolidated Credit’s corporate financial wellness platform KOFE, creating partnerships with businesses, professional trade organizations, municipal governments, and financial institutions.

Ms. Hartman is a bi-lingual AFCPE Certified Credit Counselor with Masters in Business Administration and Marketing Management from the University of Tampa. She received the 2013 Multicultural Business Leader award. She’s a contributor to Huffington Post Voces and regular guest on community affairs programs in both English and Spanish on radio and TV.