Technology and the Homeownership Journey: Consumer Trends to Know

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Join our conversation about findings from Blend and Aite-Novarica Group’s recent report “Reframing the Homeownership Journey: Consumer-Focused, Lender-Led.” We’ll be discussing key takeaways from the study, including consumer homeownership trends, and how technology can help your institution better serve consumers on their homeownership journey.

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Rebecca Kalinowski
Rebecca Kalinowski

Business Development Manager | Blend

Rebecca Kalinowski is the Business Development Growth Manager at Blend, helping Blend develop new products and expand into new business lines. Prior to Blend Rebecca was at JP Morgan Chase where she spent the majority of her time in the Private Bank as the Global Business Manager for Lending Solutions developing and launching new loan products and expanding into new markets.

Leslie Parrish
Leslie Parrish

Strategic Advisor, Retail Banking and Payments | Aite-Novarica Group 
Leslie Parrish is a Strategic Advisor with Aite-Novarica’s Retail Banking & Payments practice, focusing on consumer lending. Leslie was one of the initial employees of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, a federal financial regulator. Her role entailed engaging with lenders and helping to develop the bureau’s strategy and policies related to small-dollar loans offered by banks, nonbanks, and fintech firms. Later, she authored research publications to inform rule-making efforts on small-dollar loans, overdraft programs, and debt collection.