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About Piper Sandler

We help credit unions drive member value through best-in-class financial solutions. Our holistic approach and broad expertise allow us to provide big-picture strategies that satisfy the full-range of diverse credit union models. We also help clients offer better options to their members by providing quality assets for buyers, liquidity solutions for sellers and accurately priced loan packages for both. We comprehensively consider the goals of each of our credit union clients and offer the right solutions to meet their needs.

Products and Services

  • A well-run investment portfolio can differentiate a credit union from their competition, enabling better loan and deposit rates. With the right structure, the portfolio can provide yields above your cost of funds while also offering a consistent liquidity source to fund future loan demand. Our team of portfolio strategists can help a credit union build this portfolio while also respecting the ALM impacts. We offer pre and post-purchase analysis, permissible credit union product education, and swap and restructure analytics, allowing you to document and execute the best trades for your credit union.

  • At Piper Sandler, we help clients develop strategies that fit their unique balance sheet according to their specific asset-liability mix. We have a dedicated team of balance sheet professionals skilled at identifying risks and opportunities in all corners of a credit union balance sheet. Our goal is to enhance your balance sheet performance in every interest rate environment. The financial strategies group is composed of 25 professionals across the U.S. with an average of 10+ years of experience in financial institutions. Our ALM document is ALCO/Board/Examiner friendly and focuses on all key financial metrics, including capital management and liquidity.