| Columbus, OH

Risk Management Seminar

Identify, Measure and Master Risk at Your Credit Union

As the financial landscape continues to shift, so do the risks facing credit unions. Stay ahead of the game and protect your credit union from emerging threats by attending NAFCU's Risk Management Seminar, held from August 13 - 15, 2024 in the heart of the Midwest, Columbus, OH.

Unlock the knowledge you need to tackle the most serious internal and external challenges confronting your credit union today. From interest rate risk to compliance, strategic, credit, and reputational risks – we've got you covered! 


  • Heighten your understanding of enterprise risk management (ERM) methodology and NCUA’s increasing focus on risk. 
  • Acquire valuable insights and best practices from industry experts and fellow peers who have effectively implemented ERM strategies.   
  • Experience hands-on learning enabling you to develop a tailored risk management program specifically designed for your credit union. 
  • Attain NAFCU’s Certified Risk Manager (NCRM) designation when you take and pass the optional exam.  
  • Cultivate a robust network of credit union risk professionals spanning across the nation, fostering valuable connections and knowledge exchange.   

Who should attend:

  • C-level executives, mid- and VPs 
  • Risk, audit, mid and senior compliance staff 
  • All credit unions are welcome! 

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NAFCU’s Risk Management Seminar is one of the best conferences I have attended. I was impressed with the information and the presenters.
Krystle Gertschen
Controller, Connexus Credit Union