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SRM (Strategic Resource Management) has helped 1,000+ financial institutions add more than $ 5 billion of value to their bottom line in areas such as payments, digital banking, core processing, artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency, and overall operating efficiency.

SRM – now in its 30th year in business – has lowered costs, created revenue opportunities, increased productivity, and provided a competitive edge for clients in an environment of constant and accelerating change. Visit for more information and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter for timely and relevant insights.

To learn more about the engagements that we’ve successfully completed, you can also visit our case studies page. We look forward to speaking with you!

Products and Services

  • The number of third-party options, variety of pricing models, and pace of market change have made selecting the right fit for vendor services challenging at best. SRM’s expertise and offerings – including RFP services, vendor scorecards, contract negotiations, and conversion management – can add millions in value to your bottom line. Over our history, we have uncovered more than $5 billion in value for financial institutions. As the landscape of the industry continues to evolve rapidly, more credit unions are engaging with us to get a risk-free analysis of what our cost saving services can do for their bottom line.

  • Are you confident your portfolio of payment contracts is optimized? In today’s changing marketplace, it pays to bring in an expert. SRM has conducted hundreds of payment vendor contract reviews – and brought billions in revenue enhancement and cost savings to its clients. Let our payments experts assist you in making sure your institution is best in class in areas such as card branding contracts with global payments networks, card processing (PIN network, ATM/Debit/Credit Card processing), online banking and bill payments, P2P, and more.

  • In 2021, SRM launched an advisory service to provide education and strategic guidance on blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and decentralized finance. SRM is the go-to firm for assistance with vendor selection, helping clients navigate the emerging market of crypto vendors. We’re also a top educator in the industry, with our Crypto University bi-weekly forum and Crypto Currents webinar series drawing regular attendance and attention from the industry.

  • Knowing how to leverage new and innovative technology is critical to long-term success. SRM offers technology advisory expertise to help organizations develop a strategy for their long-term planning around technology investments. We also consult heavily on integration artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA). Process efficiencies gained from SRM engagements that utilize AI, RPA, and enhanced automation have allowed organizations to improve productivity, lower error rates, and improve their bottom line.

  • Founded in 1992, Strategic Resource Management, Inc., is an independent professional services firm that draws on extensive experience, market insight, and a robust, proprietary benchmarking database to help clients reduce costs and improve revenue. For more information, visit

    What Credit Unions are Saying About SRM   

    "SRM was easy and professional to work with. Our involvement with SRM has been well worthwhile, with financial benefits that have and will continue to have significant positive impact on our expenses and bottom line."
    - Jim Doig, President/CEO, Sidney Federal Credit Union (Sidney, NY)

    “We feel very comfortable working with SRM on our cryptocurrency approach, as they’ve proven to be a partner who understands both our operational goals and the needs of our members.”
    - Steven Mertz, Chief Revenue Officer, People First Federal Credit Union (Allentown, PA)

    "Our relationship is not just about how much money we can save from a contract arrangement. SRM is committed to walking beside us, contributing to our community and partnering with us on our volunteer efforts and our sponsorship efforts.”
    - Chad Bostick, Chief Financial Officer, Credit Union 1 (Anchorage, AK)

    “We have 14 areas we are working through. The first and biggest contract provided savings and financial relief well beyond anything we ever expected. If we saved nothing from the other 13 initiatives, I am still a hero here with my CEO and the Board and the rest of the senior team. I am a FAN of SRM.”
    - Keith Malbrue, CIO, Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union (St. Paul, MN)