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SRM (Strategic Resource Management) has been selected by more than 1,050 financial institutions to advise in areas such as payments, digital banking, core processing, emerging technologies, and M&A. The company has unlocked billions of dollars in value and improved the competitive advantage of its clients with a reputation for industry-leading subject matter expertise, a proprietary benchmark database, and proven negotiating skills. Visit for more information and follow the company @SRMCorp.

Below you will find testimonials from our clients, case studies, and descriptions of our four primary practice areas: Cost Savings, Revenue Enhancement, Process Automation, and Strategic Consulting.

Products and Services

  • Money seldom hides in plain sight. The number of third party options, variety of pricing models, and pace of market change have made selecting the right fit for vendor services challenging at best. SRM’s cost reduction offerings – including RFP services, vendor scorecards, contract negotiations, and conversion management – can add millions in value to your bottom line. Each year SRM unlocks more than $80 million dollars of value for its clients. Over our history, we have uncovered more than $2.2 billion in value for banks and credit unions. As the landscape in the industry continues to evolve rapidly, more institutions are engaging to get a free analysis of what our cost saving services can do for their stakeholders.

  • 87% of financial institutions do not have an enterprise payments strategy. SRM’s revenue enhancement offerings – including payment enterprise mapping and gap analysis, revenue opportunity prioritization, and program management – help banks and credit unions improve their top line and grow their fee income. As digital networks are extended to include new devices and endpoints bringing new players and ways to pay into the market, competition for consumer payments will increase exponentially. Banks and credit unions will need a clear strategy supported by focused programs designed to meet the specific payment needs of consumers. SRM’s payments pedigree is benefiting many of those institutions today.

  • Artificial intelligence (AI), robotic process automation (RPA), and software that thinks for itself are making it possible for financial institutions to improve operating efficiencies and customer satisfaction. Using tools that target process inefficiencies, SRM prioritizes and implements these technologies to uncover additional ways to save. The margin compression common at most financial institutions make process efficiency a top priority for many banks and credit unions. The resulting process efficiencies gained from the SRM engagements that utilize AI, RPA, and enhanced automation have allowed organizations to improve productivity, lower error rates, and improve the top and bottom line.

  • SRM’s consultants are veterans who have worked for leading brands throughout the industry in areas such as payments, digital banking, core processing, machine automation, and M&A. SRM’s consulting offerings include rapid scan evaluations, vision/goal/strategy definition, playbook development, and project implementation. Too many of the banks and credit unions we encounter believe they are limited in how they can compete with financial institutions in their marketplaces. New technology combined with the subject matter expertise required to develop a strong strategic foundation is changing the competitive landscape, allowing SRM to help its clients compete with anyone they wish.

  • Founded in 1992, Strategic Resource Management, Inc., is an independent professional services firm that draws on extensive experience, market insight, and a robust, proprietary benchmarking database to help clients all across the U.S. and Canada reduce costs and improve revenue. For more information,

    What Credit Unions are Saying About SRM   

    "SRM was easy and professional to work with. Our involvement with SRM has been well worthwhile, with financial benefits that have and will continue to have significant positive impact on our expenses and bottom line."
    - Jim Doig, President/CEO, Sidney Federal Credit Union (Sidney, NY)

    “We have 14 areas that we are working through. The first and biggest contract provided savings and financial relief well beyond anything we ever expected. If we saved nothing from the other 13 initiatives, I am still a hero here with my CEO and the Board and the rest of the senior team. I am a FAN of SRM.”
    - Keith Malbrue, CIO, Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union (St. Paul, MN)

    “I don’t think people realize how much money SRM can actually generate. Just the first project made a huge difference to our bottom line.”
    - Todd Brown, Chief Financial Officer, Teachers Credit Union (South Bend, IN)

    "Our experience was positive. The branding project delivered exactly what SRM said it would”
    - Rich Arnold, Vice President of Finance, Capital Educators Credit Union (Meridian, ID)