TCPA Reform

Our Position

As community-based, member-owned financial institutions, credit unions play no part in illegal communications and are not the type of entity the TCPA was intended to target. Over the years, the FCC has created a regulatory labyrinth that has enriched plaintiffs’ attorneys and hurt credit unions attempting to make legitimate and useful informational calls. Credit unions deserve relief so that they may contact their members about important information regarding their accounts without a high risk of facing frivolous lawsuits.

NAFCU supports the FCC’s recent rules aimed at targeting illegal and fraudulent robocalls. The FCC should continue to find ways to tailor its regulations to single out the bad actors who are harassing consumers with unwanted and potentially harmful robocalls instead of sweeping in good actors like credit unions in broadly written regulations. NAFCU is also pleased to see that the FCC is creating a centralized database for reassigned numbers.