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Why Wolters Kluwer®

Whether complying with regulatory requirements or managing financial transactions, addressing a single key risk, or working toward a holistic enterprise risk management strategy, Wolters Kluwer® works with credit unions to help them successfully navigate regulatory complexity, optimize risk and financial performance, and manage data to support critical decisions. Wolters Kluwer provides risk management, compliance, finance and audit solutions that help credit unions improve efficiency and effectiveness across their enterprise. For the most recent Wolters Kluwer news visit their newsroom.

Wolters Kluwer

Products and Services

  • Address critical needs throughout the deposit workflow. From front-end policy development and training through back-end monitoring and reporting, our solutions are designed to help you comply with regulatory requirements and limit business risks as efficiently as possible when opening and maintaining deposit and tax-advantaged accounts.

    Products Include:

    ComplianceOne Deposit - an origination and workflow solution that makes managing compliance with loan transactions faster and more efficient, and connects the major areas of your business to your core processor through one, easy-to-manage user interface.

    Deposit Compliance Documents - Consumer and commercial customers have unique needs and require different kinds of products and services. From account agreements and disclosures to Certificates of Deposit and operational forms like deposit authorizations, Wolters Kluwer provides a full array of documents to help manage and grow your deposit account business.

  • Originate loan transactions quickly, accurately and in compliance with federal and state regulations. Our industry-leading documentation, workflow, and credit risk solutions support more loan types than any other provider, including consumer, commercial, residential real estate, agricultural, home equity, indirect and Small Business Administration loans.

    Products Include:

    ComplianceOne® Lending - an origination and workflow solutions that makes managing compliance with loan transactions faster and more efficient, and connects the major areas of your business to your core processor through one, easy-to-manage user interface.

    CASH Suite™ – a comprehensive solution that enables your institution to efficiently and effectively manage opportunities at every step of the commercial loan process. The integrated solution streamlines tasks like business development, financial analysis, risk management, pricing, automated credit memo preparation, covenant tracking, portfolio management, stress testing, and in-depth reporting. CASH Suite drives increased efficiencies and greater accuracy as it reduces operational risk and enhances profitability. 

    TSoftPlus™ - From origination through funding, TSoftPlus combines flexible browser-based tools and integrated time-saving features to improve the entire SBA lending process. It’s designed to support multiple SBA loan types and manage a wider variety of requirements with additional features to help you efficiently process SBA loans.

    Lending Compliance Documents - Our lending line of paper documents can help facilitate your consumer and commercial lending process at all stages, including application, processing, closing, and post-closing. Whether you use them for marketing your products and services, image enhancement, customer convenience, or as a supplement or backup to an electronic process, paper solutions play an integral role.

    CASH Tax Importer™ - Wolters Kluwer has launched CASH Tax Importer™ to help commercial lenders safeguard and speed the entry of accurate tax return data used in underwriting commercial loans. The new module eliminates manual, time-consuming data entry from prospective borrowers' tax returns and tax schedules, allowing lenders to focus on in-depth analysis of that data for underwriting. Read more.

    If interested in learning more about any of these products and services, please contact Wolters Kluwer using the form above. 

  • Related to the 2019 launch of two complementary lending solutions—Online Applications for Mortgage Lending (OLA) and Online Applications for Consumer Lending (CLA)—these new offerings are specifically designed to help level the playing field for smaller credit unions and other lenders competing against larger, better resourced lending institutions. Learn more.

  • Generates custom, detailed data on a lender's estimated lien position for each of its debtors, and insights into lien activity against each debtor. The Report uses proprietary, name-matching algorithms to search for UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) liens against debtors, and then applies advanced data analytics and business logic to estimate the file date order of liens for the lender. Learn more.

  • CASH Suite™ is a commercial lending software solution that helps credit unions and banks increase profits and grow top-line revenue by achieving straight-through-processing across every step of the commercial loan lifecycle.  CASH Suite™ provides lending professionals access to nine integrated financial analysis and credit risk management modules. The modules help reduce the complexity of evaluating commercial loan applications by streamlining tasks, including business development, financial analysis, risk management and pricing, credit communications and approvals, covenant compliance tracking, portfolio management, stress testing, and in-depth reporting. By providing an integrated solution, CASH Suite™ simplifies the task of managing disparate business processes, helping commercial lenders achieve their broader business goals while reducing operational risk and enhancing long-term profitability. Learn more.