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May 01, 2020
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Questions to set your day up for success

Dan BergerAs we continue to adjust to a "new normal" of operating during the coronavirus pandemic, our leadership must remain steadfast and strong. With so much uncertainty in the world, it's up to us to be there for our employees and members/customers, and keep our organizations headed in the right direction.

This blog from leadership guru Dan Rockwell is a great reminder for setting your approach to each day and ensuring your leadership is as strong as ever.

Rockwell first asks:

  1. How is your attitude breathing vitality into others?
  2. How are your actions strengthening relationships?

Even if your office has shifted to teleworking like mine, your tone and effort still translate through emails, chats, and video calls. If you're stressed, your employees will sense it. Don't let your empathy or mentorship fall by the wayside in these challenging times.

Once you reflect on how your leadership is being influenced by your attitude and actions, Rockwell offers two questions to change your day.

  1. What one thing would you like to do less today? Some of Rockwell's suggestions include complaining, avoiding tough situations, and being preoccupied with tasks you don't like doing. Especially in times of crisis, leaders must be decisive and straightforward to determine how challenges will be addressed. Be aware of how your venting or unrealistic expectations come across to other executives and lower-level employees.
  2. What one thing would you like to do more today? On the flipside, there are several ways for you to make this time of uncertainty better for your organization. Find ways to still show appreciation for your team. Identify opportunities to connect with members/customers to ensure your products and services are meeting their needs during this time. Create a mantra to help you stay focused on what really matters throughout the day.

Although the crisis calls for decisiveness, be sure to keep an office environment in which employees feel comfortable sharing ideas and trying new things. Innovation and problem solving should be encouraged as you address unexpected challenges of the coronavirus.

Now is the time to let your leadership shine, not get bogged down in the stress and negativity of the situation. Reflecting on these questions from Rockwell will position you and your mindset for success.

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