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Jan 25, 2013

Cordray Nominated for Full 5-Year CFPB Term; Scope of Mortgage Servicing Exemptions; NAFCU Mortgage Reform Webcast Series

Written by Steve Van Beek

Cordray Nominated.  Yesterday, President Obama nominated current CFPB Director Richard Cordray for a full 5-year term as Director of the CFPB.  Under Cordray's current recess appointment, his term expires at the end of 2013.  This full appointment - if confirmed by the Senate - would result in Cordray having a full 5-year term.  For additional information, check out the NAFCU Today (you can sign-up for the NAFCU Today here).    


Mortgage Servicing Exemptions.  Last Friday, we blogged a little bit on the mortgage servicing exemptions.  Today, I wanted to help clarify which of the new requirements the 5000 or less mortgages exemption will apply to and, more important, which will not be eligible for the exemption

There are nine major requirements in the new mortgage servicing requirements (and tons of minor requirements).  Of the nine, the "small servicer exemption" will apply to five (and, only in limited situations, to a sixth):

  • Mortgage Periodic Statements - Eligible for Small Servicer Exemption
  • Interest Rate Adjustment Notices (for ARMs) - Not Eligible
  • Prompt Crediting of Payments & Payoff Statements- Not Eligible 
  • Force-Placed Insurance - Not Eligible (except in very limited situations)
  • Error Resolution Procedures & Information Requests - Not Eligible
  • General Servicing Policies & Procedures - Eligible for Small Servicer Exemption
  • Early Intervention with Delinquent Borrowers - Eligible for Small Servicer Exemption
  • Continuity of Contact with Delinquent Borrowers - Eligible for Small Servicer Exemption
  • Loss Mitigation Procedures - Eligible for Small Servicer Exemption (but there are certain requirements that still apply)

Additionally, keep in mind that the "small servicer exemption" only applies to the CFPB's mortgage servicing regulations.  The other six regulations do not have similar exemptions.  


NAFCU's February 13th Webcast.  On Wednesday, February 13th, I'll be presenting a 2-hour webcast on The CFPB's Final Mortgage Regulations.  Specifically, I'll be providing an overview of the scope and applicability of each of the new regulations and how your credit union's products will be impacted.  I'll run through which requirements apply to first mortgages, which to just principal dwellings, which to subordinate liens, which to HELOCs.  I'll also go in more detail about the mortgage servicing exemptions above and explain which transactions you need to consider when you "count to 5000."  You can find the additional key takeaways here.

For the full description and information on registering, click here.


NAFCU's Mortgage Reform Webcast Series.  Also, be sure to check out our full listing of webcasts for our Mortgage Reform Webcast Series.  My February 13th webcast will be followed by Andy Keeney's March 6th webcast on the CFPB's Qualified Mortgage/Ability-to-Repay regulation (registration will be available soon - if you want to be notified when registration is open, just shoot us an email).