Breaking Down Silos: Collaborating to Combat Cyber Fraud

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About the Webinar

With the rapidly evolving threat landscape, it is clear that operating in isolation is no longer a viable strategy for effective and proactive cyber risk management. The challenges presented by cyber threats demand a concerted effort within your credit union to break down silos and collaborate effectively. Your credit union’s information security and fraud teams must work together to develop a comprehensive and cohesive approach to managing cyber risks. In this session, we will explore how to leverage expertise and tools to be proactive in your fraud detection.

Join DefenseStorm’s resident Fraud Geek and senior product manager, Adam Barrett where we will delve into how your credit union can:

  • Evaluate edge data to better identify fraudsters hiding behind VPNs
  • Cultivate effective relationships to combat fraud
  • Efficiently engage with your red team
  • Open up the dialogue around pain points or blind spots to improve your ability to stop cyber fraud

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Presented By

Adam Barrett
Adam Barrett

Sr. Product Manager, Fraud Detection | DefenseStorm

Adam is the DefenseStorm “Fraud Geek” with an extreme passion for protecting financial institutions and the people who trust them to provide a safe banking experience. He is currently the Senior Product Manager for DefenseStorm GRID Active Fraud Detection product. With 25 years of experience in banking operations, fraud and risk, you would think hes seen it all; however, the constantly evolving schemes keep him motivated to stay in the fight.