Crypto for CUs in 2022 – What to Expect and How to Win

About the Podcast

In this episode we're joined by Larry Pruss and Patti Wubbels from SRM to talk all things cryptocurrency. We cover how crypto has evolved since 2020, the latest regulatory trends to be aware of, and how credit unions are getting involved. Plus, hear ideas about the future of consumer adoption and credit unions' role in this emerging space.

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    Key Takeaways:

    • [02:56] 20-30% of Americans own some sort of cryptocurrency or digital assets. It is a new generation of digital assets. 44% of crypto traders are investors of color compared to 35% of stock investors.
    • [05:50] One of the biggest opportunities is crypto as an acquisition tool and as a way to contact those younger, more diverse members.    
    • [14:24] If you are launching a solution in the next two years and if that solution is a competitive one then you are going to have a first mover advantage.   

    Presented By

    Larry Pruss
    Larry Pruss

    Senior Vice President, SRM

    Larry Pruss has nearly 25 years of expertise in payments.  His background includes work with the National Bank of Canada, where he served as Head of Cards, Payments, and Transactional Solutions.   He previously served as Senior Managing Director of Credit Cards and Loan Revenue for Profit Insight, and as Senior Vice President of Portfolio Analytics for Bank of America. Pruss has worked with leading financial institutions such as Royal Bank of Canada, Canadian Tire Financial Services (now Scotiabank), and MBNA to develop strategies and plans related to card optimization, revenue enhancement loyalty marketing, and portfolio acquisition. 

    Patti Wubbels
    Patti Wubbels

    SVP – Client Development and Crypto Advisory Services

    Patti Wubbels is Senior Vice President of Client Development and lead for our cryptocurrency advisory services at SRM (Strategic Resource Management), an independent firm that advises financial institutions in executing business strategies and strategic sourcing initiatives. At SRM, Wubbels is passionate about helping clients with strategies around cost savings, revenue opportunities, and process efficiencies. More recently, Patti helped to launch SRM’s crypto advisory, delivering education and strategic planning services for financial institutions integrating cryptocurrency and blockchain concepts and technology. She is a Certified Cryptocurrency Expert (CCE) via the Blockchain Council.