Elevate Your Portfolio with Education Lending Participations

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Join us for a discussion on why student loan refinancing and private student loan participations may be right for your institution to stay competitive and attract younger members. Learn how to expand your portfolio, diversify your assets, and grow yield through student lending loan participations. 

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Key Takeaways:

  • [03:05] Credit unions in the program benefit from serving younger members and they are able to mitigate risks while LendKey handles everything from credit applications, to origination, to servicing. 
  • [04:05] There are great opportunities for credit unions to deepen relationships with members after this first student loan product that is offered that includes mortgages, savings accounts, credit cards, and other products and services that the credit union is offering.      
  • [16:51] When credit unions are entering student lending and loan refinancing it is a unique opportunity for these members to learn how to build credit and keep it top of mind.
  • [17:37] When that member is in front of you, it gives you the opportunity to not just assist them with that student loan but to make sure you are keeping them in your life cycle and that is the ultimate goal. 


Presented By

Will Sneed
Will Sneed

Director, Lender Partnerships | LendKey

Will Sneed is a finance technology partnership expert and a keen researcher on the future of borrowing. Backed by a decade of experience in linking financial institutions to the ever-growing demand for digital lending, he aims to make credit unions competitive alongside other marketplace lenders. Will leads lender partnerships and works with clients to create profitable and successful digital lending programs.  

Mick Olson 
Mick Olson 

Chief Financial Officer | Topline Credit Union

Mick Olson is the Senior Vice President of Finance and the Chief Financial Officer for TopLine Federal Credit Union, headquartered in Maple Grove, Minnesota. He has over 30 years of experience in accounting and finance in several different industries including holding executive positions at CPU Options and Great River Federal Credit Union. He currently resides as the Board Chairman for Member Student Lending. 

Dan Czerniawski
Dan Czerniawski

Chief Executive Officer | Actors Federal Credit Union

Daniel Czerniawski is Chief Executive Officer at Actors Federal Credit Union, headquartered in New York, NY. Prior to joining the credit union, Mr. Czerniawski held positions at Atlantic Federal Credit Union, Garden State Federal Credit Union, North Jersey Federal Credit Union, TD Bank and Capital One. Dan currently resides as the Treasurer on the Board of Directors for Member Student Lending.