An Executive Conversation About What Cyberattacks Are Really Costing Your CU

March 31, 2021 | 2:00 PM EST 

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About the Interview

Join us for a discussion on the real cost of cyberattacks, and the actions your credit union should take to prevent them. The increased use of technology within credit unions over the past year has introduced new threats and vulnerabilities that need to be monitored proactively and acted on swiftly when an anomaly is detected. Find out why having confidence in your cybersecurity and cybercompliance posture is so paramount, and how to secure and maintain that confidence.

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Steve Soukup
Steve Soukup

Chief Executive Officer | DefenseStorm

As Chief Executive Officer of DefenseStorm, Steve is responsible for the strategic direction, daily operations, and growth of the company. Prior to assuming this role, Steve served as Chief Revenue Officer for two and a half years where he led the Sales and Marketing teams, resulting in 3.5X growth in DefenseStorm’s customer count and numerous strategic partnerships.