Exponential Fraud Exposure: Reg II Awareness

In this webinar, we explore the impact of Reg II on card-not-present fraud.


About the Webinar

On this webinar we explore the impact of Reg II on card-not-present fraud. We’ll hear from Ann Davidson, VP of Risk Consulting, at Allied Solutions and a first-hand account of the implications attached to this regulation from Tracie Wilcox, President and CEO of On Tap Credit Union. We will examine how the timeline, with an effective date of July 1, 2023, will likely create unintentional negative consequences for consumers and credit unions as they’re forced to reprioritize this implementation over other consumer-oriented and security-focused improvements. This webinar will provide valuable insights into the challenges and potential solutions for navigating the new regulation.

Attendees will walk away equipped with:

  • An overview of Reg II and the upcoming implementation deadline.
  • Steps to take to mitigate exposure.
  • Examples of the risks on the horizon.

Ann and Tracie are looking forward to sharing their vast  experience and knowledge with the NAFCU community on March 15th.


Presented By

Ann Davidson

Vice President of Risk Consulting | Allied Solutions

With more than 40 years of diverse experience in the financial industry, Ann Davidson has become a nationally renowned expert in risk control and risk management. Ann has an impressive list of achievements and accreditations in the financial industry, which includes making notable article contributions to accredited financial publications and being a keynote speaker on a variety of risk management topics at hundreds of conferences and seminars nationwide.

Tracie Wilcox

President and CEO On Tap Credit Union

Tracie is an innovator with a creative flair for bringing new ideas to On Tap Credit Union. Tracie has been upwardly mobile throughout her career, starting as a part-time teller to her current position as President and CEO of On Tap Credit Union. She searches for innovative ways to overcome obstacles and “craft solutions” for members. Under Tracie’s leadership, the Credit Union has grown exponentially via a complete rebranding from Coors Credit Union to On Tap Credit Union, a strategic move to include all breweries and beer enthusiasts. She takes pride in giving back to both the local and beer communities.