Growing Creatively & Innovatively in 2024

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With interest rates up and banking brand trust down, credit unions need to make 2024 a year of innovation and growth.

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Key Takeaways:

  • [0:58] What can credit unions do to best prepare themselves for 2024?
  • [2:12] Although he sees a glimmer of hope, Jack points out that the liquidity crisis and slow prepayment speeds hamper rapid recovery.
  • [5:22] We discuss how credit unions seek low loan growth through member-centric strategies such as second mortgages and home improvement lending.
  • [7:34] Credit unions are leveraging advancing technology for member-focused engagement.
  • [9:31] How will technology continue to evolve and affect credit unions?
  • [11:43] What role does AI play in innovative growth?
  • [14:14] Credit unions adopt technology for efficiency, enabling staff to focus on personalized member interactions, especially with younger generations.
  • [17:14] Closing thoughts, emphasizing competition against banks and fintech for younger generations.

Presented By

Jack Imes
Jack Imes

Chief Client Lending Consultant  | Allied Solutions

Jack has years of executive lending experience with both credit unions and banks. Recently, he served as the Chief Lending Officer at JSC FCU, a $2.65B credit union. Prior to Allied, he was the CLO at Honda FCU and the VP of Commercial Lending at US Bank, among other top lending roles spanning over three decades. At Allied, Jack brings his credit union and bank experience to serve as a consultant and advisor to clients and Allied sales team.