Leveraging Biometrics to Prevent Fraud and Enhance Member Experience

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Authentication measures can stop fraud before it happens. However, the bad guys are getting more clever and are finding ways around traditional authentication measures to commit fraud. New trends in biometrics leverage voice technology for more secure authentication measures and enhanced member convenience. Ann Davidson and Charlie Peterson of Allied Solutions will address how to leverage biometric technology to mitigate costly fraud before it affects your members.

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Key Takeaways:

  • [05:11] Biometrics is multi-factor.  It is really looking at something you are, know, and have. 
  • [07:04] Members may be able to access their account in less than ten seconds versus almost two minutes.
  • [12:49] The call center side is where you start. The dual authentication is caller ID.
  • [14:02] Every credit union out there should have biometrics in their strategic plan. It is the wave of the future

Presented By

Ann Davidson
Ann Davidson

Vice President of Risk Consulting | Allied Solutions

With more than 40 years of diverse experience in the financial industry, Ann Davidson has become a nationally renowned expert in risk control and risk management. Ann has an impressive list of achievements and accreditations in the financial industry, which includes making notable article contributions to accredited financial publications and being a keynote speaker on a variety of risk management topics at hundreds of conferences and seminars nationwide.

Charlie Peterson
Charlie Peterson

Senior Vice President, Strategic Initiatives | Allied Solutions

With over 35 years of diverse experience in the financial services Charlie Peterson has supported over 1000 clients in nineteen states providing 'best in class' insurance, income, loss mitigation and technology efficiencies to the credit union marketplace. His passion and drive in lending growth, loan participation, client consultation and digital channel development have been his hallmarks. In his current role with Allied Solutions, Charlie is helping credit unions nationwide successfully execute on their visions and plans for growth.