Mergers and Acquisitions: Unifying Two Different Executive Total Compensation and Benefits Programs

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In this episode, we’ll explore typical situations when bringing two different compensation and benefits programs together.

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Key Takeaways:

  • [03:50] With the merger of a smaller credit union into a larger one you are really only dealing with integrating staff into the larger credit union.
  • [05:53] When working with a merger of equals we start with a deep dive into the executive compensation and benefits of each organization.
  • [09:09] If your current executive benefits provider doesn’t conduct regular plan evaluations, consider having a plan audit anyway.
  • [13:46] Don’t overpay for these things if you don’t have to. When you have more options available that means the cost is more appropriate. 
  • [17:11] It is in a unified organization’s best interest to do tier timelines where we look at your top executives who are critical to the unified organization’s success today and then slowly add in the next levels. 

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Liz Santos
Liz Santos

Chief of Staff, Executive Benefits Practice | Gallagher

Liz has consulted with credit unions, trade associations, nonprofits, and financial services organizations to achieve their strategic goals for more than 20 years. She supports the service teams as well as develops client communications and educational resources for the Executive Benefits team. Liz also oversees research projects such as the annual NAFCU–Gallagher Executive Compensation and Benefits survey.