Redefining Your Digital Experience to Adapt and Thrive

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COVID-19 has forced many companies to accelerate their digital transformation efforts. Now more than ever, credit unions need to invest in and implement emerging technologies. When done right, these innovations can improve the overall member experience and help your credit union not just survive, but thrive, even during times of uncertainty.

Tune in for our conversation on how to propel your credit union forward and transform your members’ financial lives.

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Key Takeaways:

  • [01:08] For some credit unions that are not used to a digital way of working, the COVID-19 pandemic probably sped up those digital transformation plans.  
  • [01:58] Website changes can include: increasing site speed, reducing bounce rate, improving the conversion rates on the site, and making it more likely that people are going to return to your site more often.  
  • [03:59] Identify the pain points in the customer journey.  Formulate your technology and data strategy to create a fluid journey across all channels and touch-points.  
  • [04:35] Two-thirds of decisions customers make are informed by their experiences interacting with a brand.
  • [17:37] The pandemic presents credit unions a chance to re-imagine their role in community development, small business empowerment, and consumer financial health.  

Presented By

Jeffrey Dillon
Jeffrey Dillon

VP Digital Consumer Experience | CUNA Mutual Group

Jeffrey Dillon leads the Digital Consumer Experience group that is responsible for building the digital aspects of CUNA Mutual Group’s Direct-to-Consumer business. This program focuses on identifying viable digital media tactics to reach consumers, the content to engage them, and developing the digital platforms that will serve our sales, servicing, and analytical needs.

Jeffrey joined CUNA Mutual Group in February of 2018 after spending 15 years with Capital One and HSBC focused on digital media, online experiences, and digital analytics for a wide range of financial products. Over that time, he developed digital solutions for financial products ranging from retail banking to mortgages, pre-paid to credit cards, and small business to commercial banking for consumers across the income spectrum including the unbanked, non-prime, prime, and high net worth.