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Yesterday was June 6. The 75th Anniversary of D-Day. I saw quite a few photos recently, bu this one caught my eye. It was colorized, and some of the men seem so young. 


Photos like this get me thinking. How many of those boys made it off the beach alive? Where where they from? Are any still alive?

You almost want to plead with them to stay safe - to keep their heads down. But most of all, to say thank you. Against amazing odds, they freed a continent. 

They were amazing. 

Now, on to this week's reading pile. 

  • USAA and State Farm announced a deal to pay each other's claims via the blockchain. (
  • JPMorgan shut down its millennial-focused app, Finn. Will try to serve millennials through its Chase. (BI)
  • Alternative lenders keep increasing market share. (Financial Brand)
  • Big news: NAFCU just launched an online community for compliance, risk and BSA professionals. (NAFCU Today)
  • Roads or buildings. (Godin)
  • JPMorgan Chase is seeing slowing deposit growth. FinTech deposits battles are to blame.  (BI)
  • Michelin has an air-less tire that may hit markets in 2024. (FastCo)
  • There's growing inequality between America's Superstar cities and the rest. (Citylab)

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