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Feb 18, 2022

Your NAFCU Weekend Reading Pile

Compiled by Anthony Demangone, Powered by NAFCU

Is February gray and cold where you are? Not here! NAFCU has picked up four new members this week from California, Indiana, Missouri, and Mississippi.

I jest a bit. Yes, it has been cold and gray. But I’m OK with that. Growing up in Pennsylvania, we had four distinct seasons. I like seasons. Each has its strengths and drawbacks. And just when I’m about done with one, the next one swoops in with the promise of needed change.

Wherever you are, I hope you have a great weekend. Remember, we only get 52 of these a year. Make it count!

Now – on to the reading pile.

  • Five ways FIs must mitigate risks and losses in 2022. (FB)
  • Asking the right member experience questions. (CMS Wire) If you or someone at your CU writes survey questions, this is a solid read.
  • Mortgage rates are surging. (WashPost)
  • A few comments on inflation. (Calculated Risk)
  • Make your member smarter. (Hyken)
  • Follow me on Twitter. (Twitter)
  • Opinion: Downtown is in deep trouble. (WashPost)
  • How FI marketing can make consumers feel better about fees. (FB)

Upcoming NAFCU events:

  1. NAFCU’s Regulatory Compliance School. March 14-18. Arlington, Va. If you have someone new to compliance or auditing, this is a must-attend event.
  2. Strategic Growth Conference. March 21-23. If you are responsible for “more” at your credit unions (loans, members, accounts, etc.), this is the event for you!
  3. Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee Conference. April 11-14, Nashville. A great meeting for both experienced and new officials. Our goal is to give it to them straight. To succeed, CUs must be fast-moving, nimble, bold, digitally savvy, and engaging. Boards and Supervisory Committees need to understand our risks and opportunities. This is the event for them.

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