NAFCU Certified Compliance Officer (NCCO) Program

Explore some of the more frequently asked questions about the NCCO certification program below. 

Becoming an NCCO

How do I earn the NCCO designation?
Individuals need to successfully pass four exams to become a NAFCU Certified Compliance Officer (NCCO).

Does my credit union or organization need to be a member of NAFCU for me to pursue the NCCO designation? 
No, the NCCO program is open to everyone. Any credit union professional who desires to improve their overall comprehension and skills in the compliance arena may pursue the NCCO designation.  Currently, there are CEOs, compliance officers, internal auditors, attorneys, lending officers, risk managers, vendors and numerous other individuals who have successfully passed the exams to become NCCOs.    

Where can I take the NCCO exams? 
Individuals can take the four exams online at 
NAFCU's Virtual Regulatory Compliance School .

Do I need to purchase NAFCU's Credit Union Compliance Roadmap in order to take the exams? 
You must purchase NAFCU's electronic Credit Union Compliance Roadmap in order to take the exams. The Roadmap serves as the primary guide for studying for the NCCO exams as it contains study tips in each chapter and exam questions come from content included in the Roadmap. The Roadmap is updated every year and those changes are also incorporated in the exams. It is given complimentary to NAFCU’s Regulatory Compliance School attendees.

Timeframes for Taking or Retaking the NCCO Exams

How long do I have to retake exams that I did not pass at Regulatory Compliance School?  You may retake the exams at any point before the final exam due date period on December 31, 2021. However, you will not be able to have any other computer windows/tabs/programs open or any study material out while the exam is open. Failure to comply with these instructions may result in the forfeiture of your exam.

If I do not pass an exam, how do I obtain a new exam to retake?  
There is no re-take fee if exams are taken before the final exam due date period (December 31, 2021). Once past the due date period, NAFCU will charge $79 for members and $119 for nonmembers per exam re-take. You may purchase retake exams online.

You will then be emailed instructions on how to download the retake exam(s) you need. Be sure to pass the retake exam PDF along to your proctor who will monitor your exam. Upon completion of this retake exam, please follow the instructions for returning the exam to NAFCU to be graded.

Maintaining Your NCCO: Common Questions from Current NCCOs

I became an NCCO this year. When can I start accruing Continuing Education Credits (CEUs)?  
Your accumulation period begins on the first of January of the year after you passed the exams. For example, if you passed your exams in 2020 your accumulation period would be January 1, 2021, through December 31, 2021.

How many CEUs do I need to earn to recertify? 
You must earn 24 CEUs during your accumulation period. Each time you recertify, your NCCO designation is valid for another two year period during which you would need to obtain 24 CEUs in order to maintain your NCCO status.   

How can I track my CEU credits? 
To check your CEU total on the NAFCU website, log in and click on View Account in the upper right corner. Your CEUs will be listed on your account page.

How can I renew my NCCO designation?  
You have two ways to renew your NCCO designation. Current NCCOs can obtain CEUs by attending NAFCU's Regulatory Compliance Seminar or NAFCU's Regulatory Compliance School. These conferences grant 24 CEUs of in-person training. CEUs are also available for NAFCU compliance webinars (1.5 CEUs each) or for other compliance training. You may also receive CEUs by attending compliance related sessions at other conferences including NAFCU's Risk Management SeminarBSA Seminar, and Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee Conference.

I've attended a NAFCU webinar that qualifies for NCCO credit and want to receive CEUs toward renewing my NCCO designation. How do I get credit?  
Webinars that are eligible for NCCO CEU credit will be clearly marked in the description of the event. NCCOs will automatically receive CEUs for participating in qualifying live or on-demand webinar (most webinars qualify for 1.5 CEUs). You must be logged in to the Online Training Center with your individual NAFCU website login to receive credit. If you do not see the appropriate credits awarded or did not complete webcast participation, please email us to adjust your credits accordingly.

Can I earn CEUs for attending a non-NAFCU conference, event or webcast?  
Yes, but the program needs to be pre-approved by NAFCU prior to the CEUs being accepted. Learn more.  

I'm a NCCO and I've changed credit unions. What's the best way to provide my updated information to NAFCU?  
Please send an email to NAFCU's Member Service Center at to let us know of any changes to your credit union. Your NCCO status will not be impacted by your change in employer. You do not need to start a new record. If you have specific NCCO-related questions, please send an email to  

I have a question that is not addressed above. Who should I contact?  
If you have an NCCO-related question, please send an email to and we'll do our best to assist you.