NCCO Program

Becoming an NCCO

Will my NCCO designation be recognized by America's Credit Unions?
Yes! Active, unexpired designations and training (including recertifications) earned in 2024 will be fully recognized by America’s Credit Unions.

How do I earn the NCCO designation?
You must attend either the in-person or on-demand Regulatory Compliance School and pass four exams to become a NAFCU Certified Compliance Officer (NCCO).

Where can I take the NCCO exams? 
You can take the four required exams during
Regulatory Compliance School.

Does my credit union or organization need to be a member to pursue the NCCO designation? 
The NCCO program is open to both members and nonmembers. 

Do I need to purchase the Credit Union Compliance Roadmap in order to take the exams? 
Credit Union Compliance Roadmap is included at no additional charge with your registration to Regulatory Compliance School or Regulatory Compliance School On-Demand.

Timeframes for Taking or Retaking the NCCO Exams

How long do I have to retake exams that I did not pass at Regulatory Compliance School?
You may retake exams by October 31 of the year you attended school.  

How do I obtain a new exam if I do not pass one?   

  • Attendees of Regulatory Compliance School (in-person): There are no retake fees while attending Regulatory Compliance School. After the in-person school concludes, there are no retake fees for the first two attempts of each exam.
    • Thereafter, we charge $79 for members and $119 for nonmembers per retake.
  • Attendees of Regulatory Compliance School On-Demand: Attendees may take each exam up to three times at no additional cost. 
    • Thereafter, we charge $79 for members and $119 for nonmembers per retake.
  • After paying any necessary retake fees, please schedule your exams at any time convenient for you with our service provider, ProctorU. More information on ProctorU can be found in the event app.

Maintaining Your NCCO:

I became an NCCO this year. When can I start accruing Continuing Education Credits (CEUs)?  Your accumulation period begins on January 1 of the year after you pass the exams. For example, if you passed your exams in 2022, your accumulation period would be January 1, 2023, through December 31, 2024.

How many CEUs do I need to earn to recertify?
You must earn 24.0 CEUs during your accumulation period. Each time you recertify, your NCCO designation is valid for another two years, during which you would need to obtain 24.0 CEUs to maintain your NCCO status. 

How can I track my CEU credits?
To check your CEU total on the NAFCU website, log in and click on View Account in the upper right corner. CEUs in your current recertification period are listed on your account page under the NCCO Credits tab.

How can I renew my NCCO designation? 
We recommend NCCOs obtain the total 24.0 required CEUs by attending Regulatory Compliance & BSA Seminar. CEUs are also available for compliance webinars (most are 1.0 CEUs each) or other compliance training. You may also receive CEUs by attending compliance-related sessions at other NAFCU conferences.

I've attended a NAFCU webinar that qualifies for NCCO credit, and I want to receive CEUs toward renewing my NCCO designation. How do I get credit?  

  • Webinars that are eligible for NCCO CEU credit are marked in the event description.
  • NCCOs will automatically receive CEUs for participating in qualifying live or on-demand webinars.
    • You must be logged into the Online Training Center with your individual NAFCU website login to receive credit.
    • Check the box that certifies you’ve watched the entire webinar to receive credit.
    • It takes 24 hours for the CEUs to be reflected on the NAFCU website. If you are still waiting to see the appropriate credits awarded or need to complete webcast participation, please email us to adjust your credits accordingly.

Can I earn CEUs for attending a non-NAFCU conference, event or webcast? 
Yes, but the program must be approved by NAFCU before the CEUs are accepted. Learn more.

I've earned my NCCO, and I've changed credit unions. What's the best way to provide my updated information to NAFCU? 
Email us at to update your credit union affiliation. Your change in employer will not impact your NCCO status. You do not need to start a new record. If you have specific NCCO-related questions, please email

America's Credit Unions and your designation(s) 

Our commitment is to continue serving your professional development needs. Active, unexpired designations and training earned during 2024 will be fully recognized by America’s Credit Unions.  

Other NCCO questions?  

Email us at, and we will assist you.