January 05, 2021

Berger touts NAFCU's 2021 advocacy priorities in new op-ed


NAFCU President and CEO Dan Berger debuted the association's 2021 advocacy priorities Monday in a new Credit Union Times op-ed. The association remains committed to supporting the credit union industry's ability to grow and thrive amid the changing political environment and economic climate.
“With changes in political leadership, there comes a renewed need to build relationships with incoming policymakers and strengthen those with returning members,” said Berger. “Regardless of someone's tenure in Washington or their political party, NAFCU is committed to getting work done on behalf of credit unions."
Berger highlighted strong and meaningful legislative and regulatory reforms achieved by NAFCU’s award-winning advocacy team in 2020. “But NAFCU will not rest on its laurels,” added Berger. “There are plenty of pressing issues for us to tackle on behalf of the credit union industry, and our foot will remain on the gas in 2021.”

After tallying several wins for the credit union industry in 2020, NAFCU will continue to build upon its five tenets, with priorities encompassing:

  • Growth: Supporting legislation and regulation that helps credit unions grow membership, loans and retained earnings.
  • Fair and Innovative Market: Fighting back against banker attacks and establishing regulatory standards for fintech and other non-depository institutions.
  • Regulatory Relief: Providing clear rules of the road and streamlining regulation that allows credit unions to put more resources towards serving members. 
  • Strong NCUA: Pressing for the NCUA to be the sole industry regulator and fostering a strong relationship with the agency to ensure credit unions’ voices and concerns are heard. 
  • Data Protection: Encouraging federal standards for data privacy and data security that recognize existing regulatory requirements for credit unions.  

“We are proud to work on behalf of credit unions and your 123 million members. We will provide nothing less than extreme member service and bold federal advocacy for our members,” concluded Berger.
Read Berger’s full Credit Union Times op-ed here.