Consumer Survey Report - Insurance Today and Opportunity for CUs

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About the Webinar

Franklin Madison examined survey responses from more than 500 consumers to understand their purchasing behaviors and attitudes towards insurance. This webinar will highlight how various demographics view insurance and what motivates them in the purchasing process.

You will learn which demographic groups are most interested in their credit union to purchase insurance. You will also learn how your members  view insurance as part of an overall financial wellness plan. Finally, you will discover an untapped opportunity to provide valuable offerings to your members to help with financial security.

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Presented By

Kym Ortiz
Kym Ortiz

Vice President, Partnership Development | Franklin Madison 

Kym has been with Franklin Madison for more than 17 years. She currently oversees the Partnership Development team, responsible for helping Financial Institutions strengthen the financial well-being of their consumers.  

Prior to Franklin Madison, Kym spent time as Director of Grass Roots Marketing for Arc Marketing in Connecticut. Kym brings expertise in developing strong client relationships to the team, while expanding products, programs, and portfolios.  She consistently helps our partners deliver comprehensive insurance solutions that expand their affinity and brand with their consumers.    

Jasmine Joseph
Jasmine Joseph

Vice President, Database Marketing and Data Analytics | Franklin Madison

Jasmine leads database marketing, analytics and data science and modeling teams at Franklin Madison. She is responsible for the data that drives all Franklin Madison Insurance Solutions marketing campaigns, for all products, clients, and channels. 

Jasmine leads the database marketing experts and data scientists who translate clients’ customer records into marketable names, responsive to print and digital campaigns. Jasmine and her team provide insights beyond statistical analysis by applying advanced analytic technologies, including data visualization and predictive modeling. Through Jasmine’s leadership and expertise, useful information is gathered from voluminous proprietary and external marketing data to predict consumer behavior, identify new marketing opportunities, and mitigate business risks.