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Mar 09, 2012

Regulatory Compliance School; NCUA Board Meeting & NCUA Report; Division 3 Update

Written by Steve Van Beek

Just wanted to provide a short note regarding next week.  

Reg School.  NAFCU's Regulatory Compliance School takes place next week.  Our Compliance Team will be in and out of the office next week giving presentations, so please bear with us as our response times will be a little longer than normal.  The blog will continue as usual.  

Study Guide & GPS.  For those attending school next week, we've put together a handy Study Guide to help if you will be taking the exams to obtain your NAFCU Certified Compliance Officer (NCCO) designation.  Additionally, be sure to download your version of the Updated 2012 NAFCU Credit Union Compliance GPS (you will also receive a hard copy of the GPS at School).

Note:  For those not attending Compliance School, the Updated GPS will be available for purchase very shortly.  Blog readers will be the first to know when the Updated GPS is available.    


NCUA Board Meeting.  Late yesterday, NCUA announced their agenda for next Thursday's NCUA Board Meeting.  You can find the agenda here.

NCUA Report.  NCUA also released their March 2012 issue of the NCUA Report.  This looks to be a good one to read, here is what is discussed:

Quite a few of those look like good reads.  Be sure to pass those along to others at your credit union who might be interested.  


A quick update on the potential Division 3 basketball matchup between Hope College (my alma mater) and the College of Wooster (my wife's alma mater).  Wooster held up their end of the bargain but Hope fell in double-overtime.

I was really hoping for this matchup as I thought it would be a lot of fun.  I can't say the same about my wife.  Wooster's game finished a good half hour before Hope finally lost.  She spent the majority of that time on the phone with her Dad - who works at the College of Wooster - discussing the potential matchup and rooting against Hope.  As she so elegantly stated it:  "I want Wooster to win and that means Hope needs to lose, so be it."