Exploring Artificial Intelligence

Podcast Series- Part 1

About the Podcast

It depends on what your job is. Far from being a “machines rule the world” scenario, AI will enable the automation of an ever increasing number of low-value processes, freeing staff to devote time and effort to more critical tasks. Credit unions must remain clear-eyed about the fact that members are already conditioned to expect the features stemming from AI. Since no institution goes 0 – 60 when it comes to AI, the time is now to begin to get familiar with it.

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Larry PrussLarry Pruss, Senior Vice President, Strategic Resource Management

A renowned expert in the payment industry, Pruss’ central role at SRM is as a card optimization and revenue enhancement strategist for financial institutions in the USA and Canada. Mr. Pruss’ background includes work with the National Bank of Canada, where he served as Head of Cards, Payments, and Transactional Solutions. He previously served as Senior Managing Director of Credit Cards and Loan Revenue for Profit Insight, and as Senior Vice President of Portfolio Analytics for Bank of America.

Pruss offers significant expertise in analytics, consulting, leading payments, loyalty marketing, and portfolio acquisition. With a proven track record of developing new products, increasing revenues, and improving operating efficiency, Pruss has helped numerous companies increase profitability by driving growth and negotiating deals.