2022 Innovation Award Winners

The Winners of the 2022 Innovation Awards are:

Amazon Web Services | CUSO Partnerships

A simplified approach to obtaining cloud services and digital innovations. AWS is working with CUSOs Thinkstack on cloud infrastructure and Arkatechture on data storage and insights, with cloud-native digital branches and contact centers planned soon. nafcu.org/amazon-web-services

Blend | Underwriting Automation Platform

A cloud solution which streamlines the credit application process by incorporating on-time rental payments and income verification into the underwriting automation. process, to reduce decision time and friction. nafcu.org/blend

CUNA Mutual Group | CuneXus

A storefront experience for credit union members offering single-click access to a variety of personalized offers for many credit products and non-interest income opportunities. nafcu.org/cunamutualgroup

SentiLink | ID Theft Score

An anti-fraud gateway intended to stop or slow fraudulent accounts from being opened, with data-driven protection against specific types of fraud, including family relationships and J1 work visa holders. nafcu.org/sentilink

Upstart | AI Lending Platform

An algorithmic approach to raising automated approval rates while lowering lender loss, driven by 20 million repayment data points and over 1,000 variables in approval models. This includes both a referral network and direct-to-member product marketing options to improve awareness of credit opportunities. nafcu.org/upstart

Velocity SolutionsConsumer Liquidity Engine

A package of small-dollar loans (CashPlease) and overdraft solutions (Intelligent Limit System)  designed to match member needs for short-term liquidity with convenient options suited to their ability to repay. nafcu.org/velocity