September 26, 2019

Small biz loan programs webinar set for Oct. 16

webinarThe NCUA and Small Business Administration (SBA) will hold a webinar Oct. 16 to share benefits of credit unions participating in various SBA loan programs. NAFCU works closely with the SBA to expand access to credit union small-dollar loans to small businesses across the nation.

NAFCU and the SBA recently signed a new Strategic Alliance Memorandum (SAM) to strengthen their partnership. The association's newest edition of The NAFCU Journal also includes a feature on SBA loan programs and how credit unions have seen success by participating in them.

At NAFCU's Congressional Caucus earlier this month, SBA Regional Administrator for the Mid-Atlantic Region Michelle Christian gave an update on NAFCU's partnership with the agency to increase the number of credit unions offering certain SBA loans. She also shared how the Trump administration is working to increase small business lending.

The webinar is the first of two that the agencies have planned; it is set to begin at 2 p.m. Eastern Oct. 16 and registration is now open.

During the webinar, credit unions will hear from the SBA's William Briggs, senior advisor in the Office of Capital Access, and Dianna Seaborn, director of the Office of Financial Assistance. The SBA representatives will discuss:

  • brief history of the SBA;
  • SBA benefits to the borrower and to the credit union;
  • an overview of SBA programs; and
  • how offering small business loans may align with your credit union's mission.

Credit unions can submit questions to the NCUA ahead of the webinar, or live via Twitter (@TheNCUA).