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Jun 24, 2022

Your NAFCU Weekend Reading Pile

Compiled by Anthony Demangone, Powered by NAFCU

The way you communicate is a superpower. Don’t believe me? How many times has a brief interaction with a colleague shifted your entire mood?

It could be negative tone of an interaction. The choice of words. A curt email, ALL IN CAPS. A scowl. But it works the other way. A warm smile and handshake. A pat on the back. Words of encouragement. Or a note of appreciation.

Everything you do pushes someone’s mood up or down. Everything. Choose “up.”

And now, I hope you choose to read this week’s reading pile!

  • CFPB announces review of credit card late fees collected by FIs. (NAFCU Today) We’ll have more on this in the coming days. Look for a Regulatory Alert, through which we would love to hear your feedback. There is a clear trend here – the CFPB is looking at fee income by FIs.
  • HFSC drops NAFCU-opposed ODP Act from markup. (NT)
  • Amazon CEO Andy Jassy’s first year on the job. (WSJ)
  • Leaked Amazon memo warns that the company is running out of people to hire. (Recode)
  • JPMorgan cutting jobs in mortgage unit. (Reuters)
  • 87 things money cannot buy. (YoungMoney)
  • Good intentions can be more important than perfection. (ShepHyken)
  • Fear and footnotes. (Godin)
  • What you’re getting wrong about customer journeys. (HBR)
  • Banks need to close the personalization gap. (GonzoBanker)

Upcoming NAFCU Events:

  1. Virtual Risk Management Seminar - Aug. 16-18.
  2. Congressional Caucus - Sept. 11-14. (Washington, DC)
  3. CFO Summit - Sept. 20-22. (Annapolis, MD)

Upcoming weekend plans?

A recent trip to Delaware. Hoping the waves are good and that the fish are biting! Have a great weekend, everyone!

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