Capital Reform

We need comprehensive capital reform for credit unions, such as allowing access to supplemental capital sources and making the statutory changes necessary to design a true risk-based capital system for credit unions.

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Our Position

We believe that capital standards for credit unions must be modernized and reflect the realities and challenges of the 21st century financial marketplace. NAFCU remains concerned about the impact the risk-based capital rulemaking will have on the credit union industry, including regulatory burden and increased costs. NAFCU will also continue to advocate for improved access to alternative capital, including both secondary capital and supplemental capital, which is a proposed form of regulatory capital that would be available to all credit unions.

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How This Impacts You

Credit unions did not engage in the risky lending practices that led to the financial crisis and have not cost taxpayers a single dime. Given the negative impact the NCUA's risk-based capital proposal could have on credit unions, it has never been more important for Congress to consider allowing credit unions access to alternative capital sources.

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