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Feb 14, 2013

Mortgage Headache Areas; Upcoming Mortgage Reform Webcasts

Written by Steve Van Beek

Yesterday was NAFCU's first webcast as part of our Mortgage Reform Webcast Series.  I provided an overview of the seven new mortgage regulations - focusing specifically on the scope & applicability of the new requirements.  

I also provided some insight on "Headache Areas" and included this list at the end of the presentation:

  • Determining Exemption Applicability
  • New Notices – Content-Rich and Strict Timelines
  • Error Resolution & Information Request Procedures
  • Loan Originator Compensation Determinations
  • Implementing So Many Changes At One Time

And, there will be many additional headaches as credit unions work toward implementing the new requirements.  Even self-induced ones.  

There is some hope on the horizon as the CFPB issued their best press release of their history which highlights their Implementation Plan for New Mortgage Rules.  The CFPB's plan indicates they are listening to NAFCU and credit union concerns regarding the overwhelming burden of reading, understanding, interpreting and implementing numerous requirements simultaneously.  Of course, we'll have more information on the CFPB's plan in future blog posts.


Upcoming Mortgage Reform Webcasts.  As I mentioned, yesterday's webcast was the first of our series and registration for the next three is now open.

On March 6, Andy Keeney from Kaufman & Canoles will be examining the details of the CFPB's Ability-to-Repay Requirements and Qualified Mortgage Standards.  Andy will walk through the new underwriting guidelines - including the debt-to-income requirements - and explain how these rules will impact credit union mortgage lending.  And, importantly, the steps your credit union needs to take to comply by January 10, 2014.  

I'll be joined by my colleagues JiJi Bahhur, Bernadette Clair and Mike Coleman as we explore details of the CFPB's new mortgage requirements.  We'll provide answers to Frequently-Asked-Questions that our team has fielded from NAFCU member credit unions.  And, we'll take a look ahead at what other areas the CFPB is likely to address in 2013.  

I'll provide a detailed look at which requirements apply to home equity lines of credit and - just as importantly - which do not apply so that your credit union can best position your implementation strategy.  If your credit union makes HELOCs, this is one you'll want to attend as the new requirements are sprinkled throughout the CFPB's 3507 pages!


Programming Note:  NAFCU's offices will be closing early tomorrow and will be closed on Monday for the Federal holiday.  We'll have a blog post tomorrow and then start back up again on Tuesday.